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dry herb atomizer
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rebuildable function dry herb atomizer
  • rebuildable function dry herb atomizer
  • dry herb atomizer
  • dry herb

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  • Product Item : rebuildable function dry herb atomizer
    Model : lambo RDA
  • dry herb atomizer can work with eliquid/dry herb,hash oil ect
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Lmabo Dry Herb Atomizer, is the newest design with rebuildable function on current market. After used for a certain time, atomizer’s heating coil may break or resistance of heating coil may change, which cause the atomizer do not work or weaken the throat hit. Usually you have to change the atomizer when those problems happen, but if you use Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer, you just need to change the heating coil and wick as simple as that. It’s an unbreakable atomizer. 

Dry herb Atomizer is compatible with all batteries with 510 and eGo threading.
One Atomizer is with one Precision Screwdriver Keychain.

How to use dry herb atomizer?

Work with e-liquid

Common e-liquid/juice, thick e-liquid/juice both can work with the dry herb atomizer. Since there is no tank system inside the dry herb atomizer, it cannot be filled much e-liquid at one time. Firstly, take off the black drip-tip, and drop a few drops e-liquid/juice, like 3-4 drops into the atomizer, then put on the drip-tip to enjoy the wonderful vaping.

Work with Dry Herb/hash oil
As well known as Dry Herb Atomizer, the M2 atomizer can also work with dry herb. First of all you need to grind the dry herb into powder, then put a little powder into the atomizer and spread on the heating coil, then put on the drip-tip and start vaping.

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