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new version GGTS Ecig
  • new version GGTS Ecig
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  • Product Item : new version GGTS Ecig
    Model : GGTS
  • GGTS Ecig 2000mah dry battery 2.0ml huge vapor atomizer easy carry lavatube style KTS batteries short-circuit protected
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GGTS Ecig Dimensions
width: 23 (mm)
length: 80-105 (mm – depending on battery configuration)
length with 901 atomiser attached: 92-135 (mm)
GGTS Ecig Feature upgrades on Revision 2
Adjustable draw
Liquid collector tank
Lock liquid option
Top/connector cap is easy to clean (different design)
Different aluminum alloy, makes the GGTS lighter and less tarnish prone than the previous revision
Bottom cap features vent holes around the cap rather than on the bottom, to protect the user in case of battery venting
Bottom cap has a plastic insert to provide further protection in case of venting


GGTS Ecig   kit content:



1 pcs – KCTS Body
2 pcs – 18650 (2000mAH) battery
1 pcs – X6 Atomizer Tank
2 pcs – X6 Atomizer Head
1 pcs – Carrying pouch

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