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dry herb vaporizer
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Dry herb vaporizer
  • Dry herb vaporizer
  • dry herb vaporizer
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  • Product Item : Dry herb vaporizer
    Model : Dry herb vaporizer
  • Dry herb vaporizer huge vapor e-cigarette use tobacco or weed device In stock:5kits MOQ:2kits 5-10kits:15.8$/kits 11-50pcs:15.6$/kit 51-100pcs:15.5$/kit 101-200pcs:15.3$/kit Delivery time:within 1 day Payment method:paypal, western union
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latest version Herb vaporizer is a device that allows the user to insert a herb, 
resin or oil of their choice (often Tobacco and rather than burn the herb which produces lots of toxic 
and carcinogenic by-products,

the device heats it until the essential essence
(the good stuff) evaporates and forms a cloud of vapor. 

When compared with the smoke from a cigarette 
this vapor contains significantly less carbon monoxide, 
no smoke and little to no tar making it considerably less harmful to the consumer

top quality Herb vaporizer Component:

2- battery

1 - Ceramic Heating Chamber

1- Spring 

1-Mesh Filter 

1-Chamber Connector

1-Ceramic Filter

1-Rubber Mouthpiece

 1-Cleaning Brush Tool

1-Packing Tool

1-Wall Adapter

 1-USB charger 

 1-User's manual

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